Who We Are

Mission Statement

Our mission at City Park Church is to enjoy God and people, equip people to abide in Christ, and to engage people with the love of Christ. We accomplish this by staying committed to our Core Values.

Core Values

The Gospel

At City Park Church, the primary value of our church is the Gospel. We say that the Gospel is the center of who we are and what we do. We want to display the redemptive work of the cross in our lives where we live, work, and have fun. We value the Gospel over religion.


At City Park Church, we love people. We love people because God first loved us. We want to reflect that love to the communities we live in. We also want people to enjoy the community within our church. God intends for the church to be a community that helps and loves one another. We strive for that in everything that we do. We value relationship over production.


At City Park Church, we believe that creating disciples is the core mission that Jesus gave the church. We desire for all people to become disciples of Jesus and not just church attenders. We accomplish this through our community groups (weekly meetings with other believers to study the Bible and to challenge one another in our daily lives).  We value discipleship over entertainment.


At City Park Church, we strive to invest our daily lives for the city of Winston-Salem. We want our lives to be postured outwardly to help in the restorative story of Winston-Salem. We desire to partner with leaders, schools, and businesses in our community to show the restorative work of the Gospel through action. We value partnership over detachment.


At City Park Church, we desire to be simple in our models because simplicity is reproducible and complexity is not. We value simplicity over complexity.

We would love to have you join us in person or online as we worship together on Sunday mornings at 10:45 AM. Click here for more information on when/where we meet and livestream.

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