Prayer Requests and Answered Prayers

When we began this church plant journey following after Christ together as a body of believers to South Winston, we posted these prayer requests in May 2019. We have seen God answer some of these prayer requests and we rejoice in these answered prayers! We would love to share some of those answered prayers with you.

Please join us as a body of believers praising God for the answered prayers and lifting these requests up to our Savior together.

–          Pray for our team as we begin to meet together.  Pray for our unity to grow. We have seen the Lord bless greatly as our unity has grown significantly over the last year of serving together.

–          Pray that our love for one another will grow deeper. Our love for one another has grown deeper and we have seen our church body come together like a family.

–          Pray that our team will grow in knowledge, holiness, and strength. Please continue to pray as we always seek to grown in knowledge, holiness and strength. We have seen immense growth with the Lord and increased passion for those around us.

–          Pray that God aligns us with people who will help us accomplish the mission. God has blessed us incredibly with several “Gate Keepers” to help us accomplish the mission He has called us to, furthering the Gospel.

–          Pray for leaders to be raised up from our gatherings. We have seen leaders come together as we have Deacons, Community Group Leaders, and Ministry Team Leaders.

–          Pray for the people we are going to serve, that the Lord will draw them to himself. Please continue to pray for those we are serving. We have had wonderful opportunities to create relationships with local businesses, neighbors and community members. We ask for your continued prayers as we seek to further those relationships and create more.

–          Pray that the gospel will spread rapidly.

–          Pray for doors to be open.

–          Pray for boldness and clarity as we preach the gospel.

–          Pray that we will honor Christ in everything we do.

–          Pray for protection as we serve.

–          Pray that our Pastor and his family can find the right house.  We would like a house that we can host and have people over. 

–          Pray that God will give us the right venue for our church plant.  Pray that God makes that obvious to us. AMEN! God provided a beautiful church building for us to have as our own in the heart of our pocket through another congregation of believers. We know that is through God and God alone and we rejoice and praise Him!

–          Pray that God give us a clear vision of how to reach the community.

–          Pray for Melissa and our new child.  Pray that God protects the pregnancy and our child would be healthy. Praise the Lord! Baby Camden is here, now over a year old, and healthy and Melissa is as well. Praising the Lord for His Provision and Protection over them!

–          Pray for Grayson and Emery as they make the transition from Triad to the new church plant. God has provided for a smooth transition and we are so thankful!

–          Pray for all of the families that God will make the transition easy from Triad to the new church plant. God has provided for a smooth transition and we are so thankful!

–      Pray for our youth ministry at Triad during this transition time.  Pray God continues to bless the Radiate and Crossing Ministries. God has provided for a smooth transition and we are so thankful!

–      Pray that God continues to bless and have His hand in this movement. We want to follow the movement of God in our church. We want to watch God build, not us try and build and we are so thankful and blessed for how God is moving!

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