Community Cookout Recap

On June 29th, we, City Park Church, hosted our first Community Cookout held in Washington Park.

We had a great time and were able to meet a lot of people.

We also had face painting that Linda Cross brought, and that was a big hit with the kids and allowed for great conversations with parents and family members as well.

We Were able to hand out 25 postcards about the church plant and we were able to feed many families.

“It was a great day for us as a church. We were able to meet people and give them food and water on a hot day. It was awesome meeting new families and telling them about our church and what we’re about. I’m praying that they all left feeling the love of Christ. I loved meeting them and I loved spending time with our body of believers. It was a great day!” – Pastor Toby

The postcard that was handed out at the cookout.

Stay tuned for more events coming soon!

Community Cookout

City Park Church is excited to host our first community cookout this Saturday, June 29th from 12-2 pm. Come by Washington Park near the playground for food, fun and fellowship! We will have hot dogs, hamburgers, sides and desserts- absolutely free! We look forward to meeting you! Email us at with any questions!

Our First Prayer Walk

 We had our prayer walk as a church Saturday, May 18th.

We had 20 people take part in the walk. 

Pastor Toby gave a challenge from Acts 2 about how the church must be built on the foundation of prayer. We, as a body of believers, must cover the community, people, church and lives with prayer as it is at the core of all we do.

We split up into 4 groups and went around Washington Park Neighborhood and prayed for the people who lived there. 

“It was very encouraging to see people coming out and praying for the community that we are going to love and serve. We believe that prayer is the foundation of all church plants, and it is of this one, too. The more we can be over there and pray and be a part of the community, the better.”- Pastor Toby

It was an awesome feeling to be in the middle of the neighborhood and just see the people and neighborhood that God is calling us to as a body of believers.  We prayed that God would make it clear to us, how He is working and how we can join His work there.  

The walk ended at a possible meeting location for the church. We gathered together as a group, held hands as one body, united together, and prayed over the location. We are trusting God fully to provide the perfect meeting place for us to be able to meet near the people and the park. Pastor Toby talked about the location and shared his heart on where God is leading.

“It was great for our people to see the area and see that God is working. We are seeking God’s direction and looking for how we can jump on board with what He is already doing over there. We have to be in the community and focused on prayer to see that.”- Pastor Toby

City Park Church is being built on prayer — and not buildings, programs, or personalities.

Another update will be coming soon as we have our first Discipleship training Thursday, June 6th.

Our First Gathering


On April 27th, we had our first gathering as a group of believers, called to reach and serve the South Winston area. Over 70 adults and children gathered in the Pegram’s back yard. The smell of the grill, laughter and conversation filled the air.


Many families met for the first time, gathering for a common purpose in hopes for the future of building a new church to reach new people.

Pastor Toby gave an encouraging word from Acts 1-2, inspiring the crowd to follow the example of the early church in prayer.

“You don’t see the first church creating a building and inviting people to come,” Pastor Toby said, “rather they met to pray and waited on God.” Pastor Toby also shared about a “Big God Movement” like Pentecost in the early church, only occurring after the people had prayed for 10 days.

Given the challenge of prayer, everyone divided in groups and prayed aloud for unity among the group, a love for the people in South Winston, and for a “God Movement” to reach the people there. “It was incredible to see so many people gathered in the Pegram’s yard lifting praise and requests to God” said one member.


Many left that night feeling the sense of community, inspired to reach the South Winston area.

Look for updates to come for our next meeting in Washington Park to prayer walk.

For The City

Thank you for joining us!

We will be updating this blog with information as the church plant continues to form and where God is leading and guiding us as a body of believers.