Men’s Bible Study Newsletter

Greetings men,

As our study of Titus draws to a close, I would like to share a preview of our next area of study. Our topics will be on relationships during the different seasons in our life and how the Lord will bring another man along side to assist us; or how He will use us in another man’s life to assist him with living a life dedicated to Jesus.

In this study series, we will also discuss how our adversary will send people whose aim is to cause us to stumble or “fall into” sin. The need for prayer and studying God’s Word is important for discernment in understanding the who, what, why, where, and how we can be used to make an impact.

Also, as a finishing touch we will look at several Christian missionaries who made a huge impact when they accepted Jesus’ call to go and spread the Gospel.

The characters we will study for this series are:

Jonathan and his armor bearer- courage under fire with a willingness to serve.

Ahab and Jehoshaphat- forming alliances- as Christians we need to be careful about who or what we ally ourselves with.

Paul and Silas- How to worship and sing praise to the Lord in any situation.

Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch- study and show yourself approved to that you may be ready in an instant to share the Gospel message of salvation.

Boaz- Living a life of intergrity and helping provide for those in need.

Balaam and Balak- a change of view does not change sin. God does not bless sin, even though it may seem there are no reprecussions for a season.

Hudson Taylor, William Carey, George Mueller, Francis Xacier and Brother Andrew- great missionary men and what their lives/stoaries can teach us today as we serve as missionaries in our communities.

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