May 17, 2020

After eight long weeks of being mandated to stay at home for worship, City Park Church was reunited on Sunday, May 17th. The church held an outdoor service on the lawn adjacent to the church. The atmosphere was overflowing with joy and excitement. Though six feet apart, people reunited in fellowship, prayer, worship and celebrated the church’s first baptism. It was a hot and sunny day, but no one minded.

Pastor Toby gave a lesson from his series, “Shepherd to a King,” a study of the life of David. He spoke about the friendship of David and Jonathan. He encouraged the congregation to see the parallels of Jonathan’s relationship with David as ours is with Christ. He explained, Jonathan sacrificed his own relationship with his father as well as his kingdom in order to serve his friend David, giving him his very best, and serving him in love, just as Christ did for us.

Following the sermon, the congregation witnessed their first baptism as City Park Church. Grayson Pegram, pastor Toby’s son, had accepted Christ as his Savior in February. He, along with a few others, had planned to be baptized on the church’s original launch date in April; however, due to the stay at home order, it was postponed. Grayson had anticipated his baptism everyday since, so when given the opportunity this first Sunday back together, pastor Toby made sure to make this happen. It was a sweet moment to watch our Pastor be able to baptize his own son. Tears flowed and the congregation rejoiced over the Lord’s goodness to witness Grayson’s public confession of faith in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Toby reflected on the day, saying, “It was so great to see everyone together after two months of being separated. It was amazing to be able to baptize my son, and for it to be our first baptism as a church.”

It was a wonderful day for City Park Church to be reunited again in worship and fellowship. People left with joy in their hearts and anticipation for the future.

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