Coronavirus Update

City Park Family,

Over the last week, I have continued to monitor the situation across our country, state, and county. This has been a fluid situation where we are learning new things each day. At this time, after talking to the deacons, volunteers, and listening to the advisement of our government leaders we have decided that the best thing to do is to cancel service tomorrow night.

This was a very difficult decision to make but we have made this decision for a few reasons.

  1. As believers, we believe that the rulers have been placed there by the Lord. Our leaders are advising for groups of 100 to not gather. We don’t meet that level but many counties have come out and said groups of 50. With confirmed cases in Forsyth, we believe this a good standard for us. We want to listen and respect those that God has put in charge of us. I believe it would be a poor witness for us in our community if we just ignore it and proceed with the service.
  1. We want to be good neighbors! We want to make sure our neighbors know we care. We don’t want to potentially bring something into the neighborhood that could be prevented.
  1. As the leader, I have to think of not just myself but all of us. I’m almost 99% sure that nothing would happen if we met, but if something did happen, I would not be able to live with it. Your safety is a huge concern of mine and I want you to know that we value it! I’d rather be safe than sorry in a circumstance like this.

Our response is not to do nothing tomorrow but I am going to record a message tonight to send to you tomorrow. We will also include a prayer guide for you tomorrow. Tomorrow is a National Day of Prayer and we have plans to pray! We will give you a step by step guide to lead your family in prayer.

This has been an extremely weird and difficult few days of trying to figure out what the right thing to do is. We trust in the Lord and know He is in control.

As this week progresses we will gather more information and will give an updated status about next week.

I love you all and look forward to gathering again soon.

Pastor Toby

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